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Outstanding beneficial and therapeautic qualities



20kg bag : £7

FREE delivery: 25 miles from Horsham (RH11)

Min. delivery quantity : 20 bags


My horse has a constant cough, can Supashred help? 

YES, research has shown that changing to dust-free bedding can help with respiratory problems. 

Will my horse stop eating his bedding with Supashred? 

YES, finely shredded newspaper is not very palatable to horses. 

Is shredded paper harmful to the land?

NO, newspaper print is vegetable-based and therefore harmless to the land. 

How long will it last? 

As a general rule, shredded paper lasts twice as long as straw, thereby saving you money. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the cost.

  • We are committed to care and satisfaction for you and your horse. 

  • Supashred will save you time, money and effort.

  • Four to six bags of Supashred will fill an average size horse bed.

  • Supashred is super absorbant, lightweight and a perfect covering for rubber matting. 

  • Fantastic absorbency eliminates wet patches 

  • Recommended usage one bale per week. 

  • Simple to adopt - swap your old bedding for Supashred one bag at a time as your existing bedding needs replacing. 

  • Call to check delivery costs : free delivery within 25 miles of Horsham RH11 - minimum delivery 20 x 20kg bags.

Horse Whisperer

Paper bedding has been developed in association with leading vets, owners and trainers - studies have shown paper bedding to have outstanding beneficial and therapeutic qualities.

The softest and most economical bedding on the market today. Used by thousands of horse owners Supashred lasts twice as long as straw and decreases time spent mucking out - leaving you more time to spend with your horse.


Paper bedding does not contain toxic materials or allergens which can sometimes be found in straw or shavings for example; dust, chemicals, fungi spores, parasites or weeds.


A distressed horse will be calm and comfortable with paper bedding which is free from irritants thus avoiding hair loss and skin disorders.


Paper bedding eliminates bed eating.


Studies at the University of Vermont, Ohio and Pennsylvania USA have shown ground newspaper to be four to six times more absorbent than straw.


Properly managed, paper bedding is cheaper than other bedding materials and may reduced costly medical bills.

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