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  • Paper bedding does not contain toxic materials or allergens which can sometimes be found in straw or shavings for example; dust, chemicals, fungi spores, parasites or weeds.

  • A distressed horse will be calm and comfortable with paper bedding which is free from irritants thus avoiding hair loss and skin disorders.

  • Paper bedding eliminates bed eating.

  • Studies at the University of Vermont, Ohio and Pennsylvania USA have shown ground newspaper to be four to six times more absorbant than straw.

  • Properly managed, paper bedding is cheaper than other bedding materials and may reduced costly medical bills.

facts about paper bedding


Q: My horse has a constant cough, will Supashred help?

A: Yes, research has shown that changing to a dust-free bedding can help respiratory problems.


Q: Will my horse stop eating his bedding with Supashred?

A: Yes, finely shredded newspaper is not very palitable to horses.


Q: Is shredded paper harmful to the land?

A: No. Newspaper print is vegetable-based and therefore harmless.


Q: How long will it last?

A: As a general rule, shredded paper lasts twice as long as straw thereby saving you money.

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